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3d rendering roll of steel sheet in factory

Cold-Formed Steel is Hot.

The future of construction is being shaped by technology. New building methods using CFS and computer-aided design software are revolutionizing how structures take shape with faster build times, lower costs, versatile design solutions, and high quality.

Traditional construction using resource-heavy methods timber, concrete, and hot-rolled steel simply cannot match the benefits provided by CFS. Powered by the FRAMECAD® Design and Build system, we are helping architects and builders throughout New England embrace the future with confidence.


Traditional construction methods are too slow to meet market demands. With prefabbed CFS, every aspect of the construction process is accelerated from design through manufacturing and assembly to installation. Wall panels, joists, and trusses go up 30% - 50% faster than conventional builds. And with virtually 100% accuracy no time is wasted to errors.

  • 30 - 50%

Than conventional
building methods

  • 100%

Resulting in
no time wasted


Less Waste.

Material waste in construction is a significant issue from both a ROI and an environmental perspective. With precision accuracy in the CFS manufacturing process, every stud and panel is fabricated to spec with virtually no waste in our shop or on your job site. Steel is 100% recyclable, reducing the overall environmental impact of any waste created. Beyond this, constructed buildings are more energy efficient and enable more sustainable, healthier living for the life of the structure.


Site Impact.

Lightweight panels are assembled off-site and delivered where and when the job site is ready. Space requirements for storage are virtually eliminated compared to traditional construction methods, making on-site logistics far easier to manage. Just-in-time production and rapid installation with a trained and e-verified crew of one operator and three installers result in framing that goes up in sections to create a cleaner, safer working environment.


Better Quality Buildings.

Buildings constructed in CFS are stronger, straighter and more stable than traditional materials. Steel will stand the test of time. As an inorganic material, it is non-combustible and impervious to termites, borers, or fungus. It will not contract or expand with moisture changes, and properly installed claddings and linings will not budge, crack, pop or break. Screws are flush with no bump outs.

Design Versatility.

The strength and durability of CFS make it an ideal building material for all building types – from modular and pre-fabricated units to multi-story hotels, hospitals, and schools as well as stand-alone multi-story buildings. With one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all construction materials, CFS delivers excellent spanning capability which makes it perfect for creating wide, open spaces. Construction is also highly scalable, which means it is an ideal solution for mass production and repeatable designs.

Lasting Value.

Faster construction means faster ROI for property owners. Designing and building with CFS can lower both construction costs and long-term building expenses contributing to greater immediate and long-term value. With CFS construction, logistics can be simplified especially in dense urban environments or to remote locations. Prefabbed metal panels are strong while also being light, so it can be assembled easily without the need for heavy lifting equipment and specialty tools, saving on time, labor and cost. During construction, discounts on builder’s risk insurance for steel framed structures can also result in significant cost savings. Post-construction, building maintenance costs are reduced as steel is stable, resistant to rot, mold, termite and insect infestation.


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