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Let our cutting-edge process work for you.

Network Framing Solutions is proud to be the first regional manufacturer of the FRAMECAD® design and build system in New England and the only CFS supplier with a strategic relationship to the licensed installer, Network Interiors.

Our fast, efficient prefabrication process can speed the building process by up to 50% over traditional methods with 100% precision and virtually no scrap or waste. Whether you’re building a 500,000 square foot industrial warehouse, a discrete interior renovation, or a backyard shed, our framing systems deliver faster build times, lower overall costs, more versatile and scalable design solutions, and better building performance.



Architectural style and floor plan configurations are practically unlimited with design versatility and flexibility. CFS construction with the FRAMECAD system is a design-led process utilizing our proprietary engineering software that is incredibly accurate to your project specifications. Detailed designs speed up compliance, reduce engineering cost and minimize room for error on-site.



CFS frame components are produced from structural quality steel coils and shaped in our in-house facility at ambient temperatures by roll-forming machines. We can produce in large quantities and at high speed with consistent quality and precision. Metal studs are used to produce roof trusses, wall frames, and floor joists all to exact measurements. Stud ends are crimped, and screw locations are dimpled so panels are perfectly flat.



Prefabricated frames are assembled in our controlled environment, strong and straight, clearly labeled for identification at the job site. Panels are made to precise dimensions that allow pre-made components including windows, doors, and bathrooms to fit perfectly in place on the job site with no welding or cutting. Delivered assemblies are ready to be erected which minimizes site impact and create a cleaner and safer working environment.



On-site construction is fast and efficient with a trained crew of just four people including an operator and three installers. Steel frame panels do not absorb moisture so there are no weather delays for rain, snow or excessive heat like with traditional framing methods. A crew with two carpenters and two apprentices can erect frames quickly and easily in less time, requiring significantly fewer man-hours, cutting down the project schedule, and thus saving on construction costs.

“Network did an amazing job and we wholeheartedly recommend them to all our colleagues and associates as a 'Full package deal' for carpentry – By producing the studs and framing 'in-house', they were able to save time in the field with framing, helping field production. Network has a team full of cutting-edge talent, dedication, and passion, and it shows.”

Steve Sroka, Project Executive

RC Andersen, LLC

We Know Framing

Network Framing Solutions is built on more than 25 years of experience in commercial construction. Our President, Melissa Sheffy, founded our company in 2018 as a spin-off from Network Interiors, the first construction company she founded in 1991.

With the growing market demand for prefabricated steel, we made the investment decision to bring FRAMECAD to the New England region as a way to provide superior service to our construction partners. Unlike foreign suppliers, we understand the intricacies of the design process that New England winters impose on architects and engineers. What really sets Network Framing apart is our strategic relationship with Network Interiors. We have the ability to manufacture steel assemblies and collaborate with Network Interiors to install prefabricated structures. Together, the Network team provides a seamless end-to-end system from design through manufacturing to installation with experienced safety trained, e-verified and trusted carpenters.

Seeing is Believing

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Our Team

Melissa Sheffy, President
Chip Lawrence, General Manager
Diane Kozel, Business Development
Jeff Drogosek, Asst. Manager
Lou Davis, Estimator

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