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Scope: Production and Installation of exterior and interior wall framing for new medical facility

Builder: SLAM Construction Services

Architect: SLAM Collaborative

Location: Hartford, CT

Total LF of Steel Framing Manufactured and Installed: 900 LF Exterior Walls; 3,520 LF Interior Walls

Total Panel Assemblies: 78 Exterior Panels, & 768 Interior Panels

Floor Count: 1


Challenge: Streamline the construction process and installation time to allow other trades to mobilize on site faster and more efficiently.

The NFS Solution: This was our first exterior framing project. As soon as the foundation was ready, the exterior walls were panelized. The interior walls were framed 10’ up so the electrician and plumber could start sooner. The duct work was allowed to go right in and then the wall panels were extended to the deck. Instead of cutting out holes for the duct work after the walls were installed, we built around it. We then were able to design service holes for the electrician and plumber as well. Nothing was slowed down. Installation of exterior walls was completed in four days compared to three weeks with conventional metal framing.

Lesson Learned:  We didn’t have all service holes designed on this project so advance planning is key. Our Construction Manager customers need to plan overall schedules differently when using prefabricated framing. It changes everying. In order to accommodate other trades in the design as much as possible, our team needs to be brought in to consult early on in the project. Our goal always is to be a positive member of the project team.

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