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Speed, Strength and Sustainability


Off-site prefabrication with cold-formed steel (CFS) is the fastest trend in construction. While it is a relatively new method compared to traditional materials like timber frame, concrete or block builds, the many benefits of CFS are quickly making it the top choice for owners and architects.

Network Framing Solutions is proud to be the first regional manufacturer of the FRAMECAD® design and build system in New England. We invested in two machines that can produce up to 4,600 linear feet of steel studs per hour with no waste.

It really is amazing to watch the machines in action to see how fast perfectly formed steel studs are created.

Here are just a few facts from FRAMECAD:

  • Material waste can make up 20% of material on a traditional construction project – the equivalent of wasting one building out of every five constructed.
  • With the FRAMECAD system, waste is reduced to less than 1% of the materials used, reducing costs and the environmental impact.
  • Construction uses only what is needed – every part is used, and every frame is designed in the most efficient way possible.
  • Because the unused materials are steel, knockouts can be sold to specialists to be melted down and used elsewhere.

Want to see for yourself? Contact us to schedule a tour of our manufacturing facility in Plainville, CT.

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