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Aggressive schedules are the new normal in commercial construction. Buildings that traditionally would have required a year or more to build now need to be turned over in record time.

The good news for architects is that it is possible to meet and exceed expectations by integrating design-led prefabrication technology methods.

The design-led construction model allows architects to collaborate with fabricators early in project planning. Efficiencies can be literally built into the design with prefabbed components and assemblies that allow structures to take shape faster and with higher quality.

After attending the AIA Connecticut Conference in September, we were contacted by two different architectural firms with aggressive design build schedules and we’re teaming up with them to achieve tight timelines.

Let our team help you build faster.

Contact us to learn how our design-led process can save up to 50% time on your next project. We are proud to offer professional design consultation and services as well as fabrication production and assembly.

“Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design.”

 – Stephen Gardiner, Architect, Teacher, Writer

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