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Next Great American Homes

The Ash Creek House

As a leading innovator in CFS off-site construction, Network Framing is proud to collaborate with Architect Leigh Overland on an exciting new project.

Next Great American Homes is using modern construction methods to create a new type of home that is energy-efficient, resilient to climate change, and more livable day-to-day.

More than 100 contractors and consultants have joined forces to build his new home in Fairfield, Connecticut, using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) construction. NFS is providing custom fabricated interior metal studs and assemblies. On-site installation will be completed by our strategic partner, Network Interiors.

The groundbreaking was held as a virtual event on April 22 to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Unlike traditional home-building projects, the public will be invited to witness the various stages of the build and learn about how to construct houses that save money and adapt to climate change in an affordable way. The construction timetable will be fast-paced, fun, and educational. We look forward to sharing progress updates about this exciting project!

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